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Root Canal Treatment in Coppell, TX

Under certain circumstances, Dr. Holovnia may recommend a root canal in order to properly care for your oral health and provide you the greatest oral health care.

Root Canals are common procedures that involve the cleaning of a tooth’s root. The purpose is to prevent the loss of the tooth in the least invasive and more natural way possible.

A tooth is made up of nerves, pulp, and blood vessels in the innermost part. Tooth decay, cracks, and other damage and trauma can expose the innermost part of your tooth to bacteria and create an infection that should be dealt with in a timely manner if the tooth is to be saved in some way.

Root Canals are performed to clean, disinfect, and ultimately seal off the innermost part of the tooth, which is occupied by the pulp. Properly treated root canals give your body a chance to repair damage done to bone, soft tissue, and the affected areas of the mouth.

When a root canal is not performed in a timely manner, you jeopardize your ability for the tooth to be saved. Untreated, you are likely to encounter pain, swelling, and the tooth will eventually need to be extracted.

Root canals are not always successful, but the sooner you act on a tooth that requires this procedure, the higher your chances are of saving it.

When a root canal is unsuccessful or fails in subsequent years, you may need to seek out additional treatment. Although a root canal is a preferred method for dealing with a cracked tooth, there are additional options that can be considered should a root canal fail.

Our staff at Coppell Family Dentistry will ensure that you are given quality care for your root canal procedure. 

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